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LEONARDO is a mexican journalist who feeds his pockets with the dominican political corruption, by blackmailing big fishes, just like any other whalesucker in the system.

Based on evidence of pedophilia, LEO grasps the chance to extort MANUEL CASTILLO a corrupt congressman and member of a child sex trafficking network.

CASTILLO by higher orders sets up LEO and expose him as the head of the network in national and international news.

LEO with LUCIA’s support, his lover and colleague, will begin a fight againts the corruption behind the children trafficking, risking their lives and their loved one’s. In the process he will not only clear his name of all the false accusations, but also he will take the unconditional duty of freeing hundreds of children from sexual abuse, by bringing the real perpetrators to justice.


Pravum. (The Series)


Crime, Drama, Action.




100 mins.


Prompt for Pre-production.

What we seek

Distribution and Sales


José Gómez De Vargas. (IMDb)


Emporium Media, Tony Gómez Guzmán. (IMDb)

director of photography

Frankie Baez. (IMDb)

The Pravum series is inspired by the horrors of child sex trafficking and pedophilia.

Pravum, presents a story seen through the eyes of the 4th power: The press, when a opportunistic mexican journalist, living in the Dominican Republic, gets unfairly trapped into the worst network of murders and child sex trafficking.

He will have to prove his innocence despite having, not only the authorities and the press against him, but also the public Opinion.

Did you like the project?

Did you like the project?



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