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The Queen of Carnival is the story of ISABEL a woman who after a decade away returns to her homeland, runnig away from her dangerous past. She will try to make amends with her mother CARMEN and save her from any possible retaliation against Isabel.

Isabel tries to convince Carmen of leaving the country with her for Panama, but Carmen refuses Isabel’s proposal, there are still rough edges between them. Isabel struggles to get what she wants but time is running out, she is in danger of being spotted by her dark past.

Isabel’s relationship with her mother begins to improve, she feels vindicated, loved and accepted. Isabel insists on her plan, Carmen finally accepts to leave the country… but the day of the great Carnival arrives, the day that Isabel will have to face her past and decide between her own life or her mother’s. 


La Reina del Carnaval.


Thriller, Suspense.




100 mins.


Prompt for Pre-production.

What we seek

Distribution and Sales


José Gómez De Vargas. (IMDb)


Emporium Media, Tony Gómez Guzmán. (IMDb)

director of photography

Frankie Baez. (IMDb)

This film is about REVINDICATION.

A daughter that seeks to be accepted by her mother.

It is the story of the Prodigal son, a tough woman who had to deal with her chaotic life and returns seeking forgiveness regardless the price she has to pay to get it.

The Carnival Queen is the story of a woman who goes back home to become the defender of the person she most reveres, her mother.

Did you like the project?

Did you like the project?

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